The master of the universe didn

The master of the universe didn't make a mistake when he spilled some color. -Joe Cervantes

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Red, blue, Black , white .. Doesn't matter what color is your life like. Always be blue like the sky, colossal and fearless. Always be white like a..
-Alex omidvar

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It is not until you have the courage toward your own fears that you can master your

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Moving forward after a mistake, a wrong decision or a personal disaster can make you a better person or it can make you a bitter person.. One letter..
-John Bonds

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Love is like a painted wall. It should be color washed from time to time, before it begins to fade


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Most people get depressed over math.. Say that it is pointless, and for the most part, has no use for life. I disagree completely. Math is like life,..
-Jeffrey Michael Beckman

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I believe that racism is better than nepotism. The pain we suffer from nepotism are like secret weapon, you are hurt by those you can associate with..
-Chester Makana

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Dear beginnings. How are they plural you may ask? The answer is quite simple really. There are many paths leading up to the beginning. So in that..
-William A. Harrison

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Leadership isn't equal to the fleet of fuel guzzlers or the billions in back bags - it is the Mahatma Gandhi mode. The vague imagination that to lead..
-Joshua Nyairo Onkangi

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If your ego starts out, 'i am important, I am big, I am special ' you're in for some disappointments when you look around at what we've discovered..

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