Conversations with Josh, Mallory, Harry, and Jamison (5 of 13) Jamison: Josh, you have mastered the universe! You have increased and perfected yourself in peace! Nothing no one says affects you from your peace or truth! You're always joyous! Josh: Thank you very much for your kind, empathetic and truthful words! I have kabbalized everything in my thought to the point everything leads and keeps me in peace! perfect peace! world peace! Mallory: It's fun or funny in a beautiful and unique way! You are the light of the world! And we all are! Your words have healed me from many diseases of the so-called past! It took me away from the illusion of my inabilities where now I believe and advance! I'm healthy! Free of all sickness and disease! Jamison: Likewise! Mallory: World peace!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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