A small story about a lovable couple who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today A man who is good n proud heir to maintain his name and fame in society for father ,lovable and protecting person for sisters, responsible father to secure his sons careers n want to see their sons happiness, supportive father in law for their daughter in laws, doting grand father to a naughty grand child Wat not ...He is holding a prestigious position in his business n a helping hand for society He looks like a angry young men but he has a soft heart that make him enjoy like a child A relation that makes him a more stronger person with a grand entry have a qualities of hyper active n intelligent women she is always there to make his life beautiful she is good advisor, wonderful mother to her sons Wat not ...she is a back bone to family, behind every successful man there is a women she is the super women to family A strong connection that can face so many hurdles The years will pass but I wish that -madhuri

Published On: April 24th 2018, Tuesday @ 11:26:35 PM

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