Make smart decisions [in life] and you'll have a great life! That's why my life is great because I make [and made] smart decisions! If you make stupid decisions you'll have a stupid life! If you make smart decisions, you'll have a smart life! A good life! I can do whatever I want forever because I made and make smart decisions! Everyday is a free day! for me! And for all! who are in truth! and [or] true! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - The real are free! The free are real!... Don't let jealousy cause you to make stupid decisions! Accept greatness! It's the nature of man, men, women, etc, to boast about the goodness of themselves - it's the nature of God, of good, of nature, of the universe! ''I am love!'' ''I am the resurrection and the life.'' How you perceive it or see it is your reality! ''I am most Gracious and Most Merciful!'' We have the mind of God, we are God, we have the mind of Christ, we are Christ! -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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