Message to the son. My father. I want to wish health. Almighty gave you a year. Spirit, you are strong, strong in faith. Do not break your father. Much has told you in this life. Bitterness hurt your heart. Once again, he stood up and smoothed the wings. Creativity is your breath. Life in the key verses in their joy and sadness, love. I wish you health, so that did not disappoint on the day of birth. Muse with you always. Most High, I gave a pen, breathing work of yours. And the children, the grandchildren just pleased you to a full cup was. And happiness reigns forever. For all thank you, thank you for what you are. My dear, kind, affectionate father. Author: Zhakupova Khadisha -Almat

Published On: May 21st 2016, Saturday @ 3:39:47 AM

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