8. Mankind is not ready to have some kind of a super ability, or supernatural or paranormal abilities associated with otherworldly forces. Because they use them for the sake of fame and money. True people associated with magic and with holiness simply, they do not need any money, they do not need glory. Sooner they have yet to give any or excess capacity. Because they use them of their greedy and selfish purposes. Only charlatans and other poor people who need the money and fame. True people associated with magic, and just to holiness, they are endowed with selfless generosity and modesty. 9. Oh, if burping and farting are pheromones pathogens. 10. Remote, spooky, wonderful, lyrical, life, schizoid, dark, steep, with a repeating melody, jazz, or blues, rap bit steep. 11. Plunging into hypocrisy, it will be harder and harder to be sincere. The words will be felt only falsity. At the bottom of which you will feel only dishonesty and insensitivity. 12. Oh, if the urine is transformed into -Almat

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