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Salmon Temitope, a male, Teacher who joined us on August 15th, 2017
Short Bio:A graduate of International Relations, whose ambition is to be an active player of international politics.
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5. "Never commit to succeed "..
(241 days ago)

12. "Love to be loved"..
(282 days ago)

17. With Love, you are never alone..
(295 days ago)

20. "Never Ignore your thought"..
(309 days ago)

34. Judge carefully..
(359 days ago)

38. Never let go who your heart desires..
(on 15th, Oct, 17)

40. Only the patience heart, laugh last...
(on 10th, Oct, 17)

41. Patience is the key to heaven..
(on 10th, Oct, 17)

44. "Think less and Live free"..
(on 3rd, Oct, 17)

49. Man is the artificer of poverty..
(on 19th, Sep, 17)

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