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Amber Monique Karazsia, a 28 year old female who joined us on May 14th, 2016
Short Bio:I am Amber :) I consider myself a philosopher. I am one of the biggest Hopeless Romantics you will ever meet in your life. :) My greatest destiny in life is to find and marry the love of my life/my kindred spirit(soulmate). I am consumed living, breathing, and thinking about Love. I am also a Non-conformist, and that is very important to me. I am non-religious, I do not support churches, belief systems, or religions. I love to write poetry, quotes, and short stories about my version of truth.
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4. You are a Living Dream...
(21 hours ago)

12. Life is Love in action...
(13 days ago)

48. Live and be Human...
(45 days ago)

49. It is OK to be Human...
(45 days ago)

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