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Rodrikus Dontavious Jenkins, a male who joined us on November 20th, 2009
Location:A city
Short Bio:I like cereal and girls(preferably naked ones)
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8. Sanity is so over rated..
(on 18th, Feb, 10)

10. To those who don't know me, Get To!..
(on 12th, Dec, 09)

13. Good and bad are only view points...
(on 12th, Dec, 09)

17. Sometimes we can't help but want...
(on 12th, Dec, 09)

29. Most people confuse desire with love..
(on 30th, Nov, 09)

38. The End, is the only absolute truth...
(on 24th, Nov, 09)

41. Even smiles can be deadly...
(on 24th, Nov, 09)

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