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Hazellyn Jazmin Mata, a 24 year old female who joined us on February 3rd, 2011
Website: http://www.facebook.com/misshazellynxoxo
Short Bio: Hola! Hazellyn Jazmin Mata Badillo ♥ Hazel for short. I'm rude, vulgar, Blunt, Honest, Sarcastic, Kind, Loyal, and Trustworthy. I'm like everything in a 5'0 ft,9 inch heel's wearing, annoying 4 year old Voice girl. I'm pretty passionate about the things I want in life, and I'm pretty well educated except I really sit like a man, and end up with food on my dress than food in my mouth. I weigh 104 pounds, and eat healthier than your grandmother. Blah. Blah. hdjkjflkjjg. I love 40's e
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