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TimePiece The QuotesMan, a 46 year old male, Photographer who joined us on May 24th, 2015
Location:Central Texas
Website: http://www.timepiecephotos.com
Short Bio:I am a Disabled Veteran and I've taken up photography as a hobby to keep me sane. All of the quotes I post are mines. They come to me while I sleep, eat, drive, talk to myself and while even arguing with someone.
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2. True love,. Finds you.....
(209 days ago)

12. Taking life one photo at a time.....
(on 17th, Oct, 16)

22. Know your worth, then tax it.....
(on 29th, Mar, 16)

26. Life Happens.....
(on 14th, Dec, 15)

27. We are a Nation of followers.....
(on 14th, Nov, 15)

35. Life is ever changing.....
(on 21st, Sep, 15)

50. Social media has no age limit.....
(on 2nd, Jul, 15)

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