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TimePiece The QuotesMan, a 45 year old male, Photographer who joined us on May 24th, 2015
Location:Central Texas
Website: http://www.timepiecephotos.com
Short Bio:I am a Disabled Veteran and I've taken up photography as a hobby to keep me sane. All of the quotes I post are mines. They come to me while I sleep, eat, drive, talk to myself and while even arguing with someone.
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18. Life Happens.....
(on 14th, Dec, 15)

19. We are a Nation of followers.....
(on 14th, Nov, 15)

27. Life is ever changing.....
(on 21st, Sep, 15)

42. Social media has no age limit.....
(on 2nd, Jul, 15)

49. "It is what you make of it"..
(on 23rd, Jun, 15)

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