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Irene Almonte Cadenas, a 25 year old female who joined us on February 11th, 2015
Website: http://iting93.blogspot.com/
Short Bio:I'm very straight forward person who likes to take things in his stride in a very level headed manner. Life is quite exciting to me as it has galores of opportunities and experiences to offer and I feel one should always make the right use of it. I am adventurous by nature for I like to take up new challenges. It gives me the zeal and impetus to work towards excellence. One thing I firmly believe in is that one should always strive towards individual betterment.
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3. Tears is cleanser..
(on 23rd, Jun, 15)

10. ATTRACTION is a matter of movement..
(on 16th, Feb, 15)

11. Pain can release through TEARS..
(on 14th, Feb, 15)

16. Season can Change everything..
(on 14th, Feb, 15)

19. Facebook is Mirage..
(on 13th, Feb, 15)

20. Admirer is better than LOver..
(on 13th, Feb, 15)

24. Food is better than love..
(on 13th, Feb, 15)

30. Life is like a wind..
(on 13th, Feb, 15)

32. Expectation Gives us Hurt..
(on 12th, Feb, 15)

34. Happiness is a matter of choice..
(on 12th, Feb, 15)

39. Life is Born with Pain..
(on 12th, Feb, 15)

40. Silence water runs deep..
(on 11th, Feb, 15)

42. Words is Just a Words..
(on 11th, Feb, 15)


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