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Kristi Simo, a 25 year old female, Musician who joined us on February 2nd, 2011
Short Bio:It's time to change again. Maybe I'll give away my entire life trying to change. I'm a feminist and a violinist with my own choice of doubt.
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4. Njerezit çmenden ngadale..
(on 20th, Nov, 13)

5. Can a love, become Ex love?..
(on 9th, Nov, 13)

6. Love never found me...
(on 11th, Jan, 13)

11. Nuk i vura vizen, por e shkaravita...
(on 15th, Jun, 12)

16. Sad people just lose their time..
(on 11th, Dec, 11)

19. Il tempo sta scapando, prendetelo!..
(on 20th, Jun, 11)


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