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Lucky Chidubem Jasper, a 23 year old male, Writer who joined us on March 30th, 2014
Location:Los Angeles
Website: http://www.facebook.com/Jasperchidubem.Lucky
Short Bio:Think for what you can do. Do what you have thought. Never harm your nerve thinking for things that profit you nothing good. I AM WHO I AM.
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14. ..
(on 28th, May, 14)

19. Stand before walking...
(on 25th, May, 14)

21. No shadow without light...
(on 24th, May, 14)

22. Simplicity is the father of dignity...
(on 22nd, May, 14)

23. True Love suffers silent feeling...
(on 17th, May, 14)

26. The choice of man lies within him...
(on 14th, May, 14)

46. Stop waiting and waisting...
(on 31st, Mar, 14)


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