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Roy chileshe, a male, Computer programmer who joined us on January 7th, 2017
Website: http://www.roychileshe.wordpress.com
Short Bio:Mmmmh seems like too much work
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1. Atleast you died..
(183 days ago)

2. It just won`t stay dead..
(183 days ago)

6. Am not a slave to sanity..
(291 days ago)

17. Marriage is a doomed genre..
(295 days ago)

29. Am a bitter hater on twitter..
(296 days ago)

34. My truth is based on a lie..
(296 days ago)

42. Its only a problem if its maths..
(on 18th, Jan, 17)

46. It's like Google but with less O's..
(on 15th, Jan, 17)

49. Human by default..
(on 12th, Jan, 17)

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