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The Quiet Girl, a 21 year old female, Artist who joined us on June 10th, 2013
Short Bio:I'm the type of girl you could easily fall in love with... but when the sun rises you wouldn't remember my name, I will turn into a blurry memory..
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18. Your heart is where your treasure is..
(on 26th, May, 14)

22. I need your broken promises..
(on 25th, May, 14)

23. Forever is in your eyes.....
(on 23rd, May, 14)

24. Stars can't shine without darkness..
(on 20th, May, 14)

38. Life is not unfair, people are...
(on 20th, Apr, 14)

41. I'm not okay but I smile...
(on 18th, Apr, 14)

45. I need more dreams and less lies..
(on 16th, Apr, 14)

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