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Vwsy, a female, Photographer who joined us on February 7th, 2012
Website: http://hersweetpassion.blogspot.com/
Short Bio:Hello sunshines :). Call me Victoriayuen. I love photography, pink, food, music, blog and writing quotes :D
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25. Nothing means more than you to me...
(on 22nd, Feb, 12)

29. You gonna be somebody, not anybody...
(on 18th, Feb, 12)

31. Small world, connected hearts..
(on 18th, Feb, 12)

32. Young love are always memorable..
(on 14th, Feb, 12)

41. Easy in love, hard to forget...
(on 10th, Feb, 12)

42. Action speaks louder than words...
(on 10th, Feb, 12)

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