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Surbhi Khurana, a 25 year old female, Engineer who joined us on October 29th, 2014
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5. My wishes are not beyond the sky...
(on 28th, Sep, 16)

10. Blame: A false charity on head!!..
(on 15th, Sep, 16)

13. Don't be a shoe; be a lace!..
(on 13th, Sep, 16)

15. And Darkness has all Colors...
(on 18th, May, 16)

22. Shoe is the symbol of status.....
(on 26th, Nov, 14)

29. Lacking is ability to protest.....
(on 12th, Nov, 14)

38. Hell is nothing but "Heaven's dream"..
(on 31st, Oct, 14)

41. Less worry is more happiness...
(on 30th, Oct, 14)


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