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1. A person who never under any circumstances does not sin. Such a mind can be called a perfect mind, the supreme intelligence in the universe, such a man can rightly be called the supreme being in the universe. He is a true man, he can rightly be called a real, which is itself, therefore, it is a person. It is completely devoid of foreign influence but the influence of God. This man is completely free from the forces of evil, because it distinguishes between good and evil, and he sees where fiction and what was reality, he is the only who live in reality, and all his life, he only asks for forgiveness from the Lord God, and he selflessly noble. 2. Human malformations and other internal defects. All this is in fact, all this is very devastating snovedencheskie, comic paradoxes of society, which for some reason is considered the norm. 3. Education and all that is connected it, as well as knowledge - is an attempt to create out of the ordinary human brain is almost empty, make him an art
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circumstances sin perfect mind intelligence supreme universe true rightly called real person devoid foreign influence man completely free forces distinguishes good evil sees fiction live reality life asks forgiveness lord god selflessly noble malformations internal defects fact devastating snovedencheskie comic paradoxes society reason considered norm education connected knowledge attempt create ordinary human brain empty art

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