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1. How funny evolution, I 2. In a dark tunnel, dance lost souls, they shine in different directions with their flashlights. And through them to race the train ghosts that are ghostly echo of a vanished human civilization. 3. Shame, regret and doubt have to face sin, and not after it. 4. The brutal life puts on me and devil against you, malicious smile. Always laughing demon inside me whispers only truth. And I often look only at the top, being in unclear, unexplained euphoria mixed with laughing gas and Morpheus awareness 6. He was sitting next to his girlfriend, he had dreamed all his life, in my opinion is the most beautiful girl in the world. Suppose he is not perfect, not rich, but she is his faithful wife. But she wants to be just him and only to him no matter what. He gave an interview. On his perfect, happily married, and next to him sat his children, smiling broadly, he said, I found the girl of his dreams. But at the end of the interview shows that he is not really in his luxu
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funny evolution dark tunnel dance lost souls shine directions flashlights race train ghosts ghostly echo vanished human civilization shame regret doubt face sin brutal puts devil malicious smile demon whispers truth top unclear unexplained euphoria mixed laughing gas morpheus awareness sitting girlfriend dreamed life opinion beautiful world suppose rich faithful wife matter gave perfect happily married sat children smiling broadly girl dreams interview shows luxu

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