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1. In response to the question, the answer question, the answer to the question, the answer the question in regard answer. Etc. 2. In any creature is evil, by which good, good for more than the worst evil for evil glowing good and so on. D. 3. The right questions ranked lead to enlightenment, the fact that we all really slaves of high society. 4. Sometimes stress reminds claustrophobic. 5. Put Knuckles nobility, destroy evil. 1. Sometimes life is like a rock. Some people climb it hard, and someone easier. Someone who throws off this rock, and someone jumps from her own. And someone just to roll to the bottom. Someone gets up to the top, up to the peak. This man jumping for joy. And then someone throws it from there, a younger and more active. 2. How many corpses at the peak of happiness. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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response question regard answer creature worst glowing good questions ranked lead enlightenment fact slaves high society stress reminds claustrophobic knuckles nobility destroy evil life people climb hard easier rock jumps roll bottom top man jumping joy throws younger active corpses peak happiness musin almat zhumabekovich

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