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1. In this feminist-lesbian-frigid hell, men go to the light, from natural death, Never Been Kissed virgins. 2. For men, the feminist-lesbian hell, genius is only one invention: masturbation. Do yourself a space rocket and is heading for the planet sexy women, where there are no men, there is a mega sexy women, who are born only mega sexy women. 3. The only sin, it is a harmless man, in this feminist-lesbian hell - is masturbation. 4. In this feminist-lesbian hell, no more women, relationships between men and women is - erotic chat, in which guys foul language each other. 5. In this frigid ice age-lesbian-greed women. only men are dying out. 6. unkissed a virgin - this is when even the prostitutes refuse to deprive you of virginity and netselovannosti. 7. Money made this world, namely female gender in the Museum of Art, where all one and the same tablet: do not touch. The place where constantly there is an auction sell masterpieces of art. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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light natural death kissed virgins genius invention space rocket heading planet born mega sexy sin harmless man masturbation feminist hell relationships erotic chat guys foul language frigid ice age lesbian greed women men dying unkissed virgin prostitutes refuse deprive virginity netselovannosti money world female gender museum tablet touch place constantly auction sell masterpieces art author musin almat zhumabekovich

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