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1. Message contact, eye contact, the marriage contract, sex contact, take care of all of this contact. 2. A beautiful woman is sitting in a room alone, and then quietly doing her an injection syringe, a mysterious man. Woman wakes up, what, where am I? She noticed that she was in a registry office, and then hear the phrase: I declare you husband and wife, but she wanted to turn in the direction of the groom, and a shot again. She woke up in some house and sees the children, and they said to her, Dad, Dad she woke up and stab again. She finally woke up in the house, it is unclear where, and sees a man, and she asked who he was? And he tells her, my dear, you finally woke up, it was a miracle, do not you do not remember me, I'm your husband, perhaps you have amnesia, oh yeah, and these are our children. Yes, all the time, it was the same man, and the children she had from him. (Do not take note, this is just a joke) Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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message eye marriage contract sex care contact beautiful sitting room quietly injection syringe mysterious woman wakes noticed registry office hear phrase declare wife wanted turn direction groom shot dad stab house unclear sees asked tells dear finally woke miracle remember husband amnesia yeah time man children note joke author musin almat zhumabekovich

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