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(1 of 2 The True) Finding, believing, experiencing, knowing, funing, peacing, freeing, loving, yourself, or being free as yourself, and or enjoying yourself, the self, the universe, life, all is losing yourself in the moment! Some call this spiritual fulfillment! Some spiritual intoxication! Some this spiritual fulfillication! Because it's powerful, peaceful, pure, and or true! Those who know understand! Those who understand know! All call it what it is in truth! I will always be free! I enjoy the free life! Everything is free for me, to me, and in me, and or as me, is me! I am free and free is me! Live in the free now! Live free now! Live now free! Free is now and now is free! Live in the victory of now! Now is the victory! Win now, this moment, forever, that is where the win is! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - Life is easy forever!
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finding believing experiencing knowing funing peacing freeing loving enjoying universe losing fulfillment intoxication spiritual fulfillication powerful peaceful pure true understand call truth enjoy free live victory moment win joshua aaron guillory life easy

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