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1. Proof that all animals are intelligent. 1. Instincts - these are the first signs of intelligence. 2. Do all animals is the original feature of this culture: the mating season. For example: The birds are singing and dancing, deer males fight for the right to continue his occupation with the female. 3. Lions have their own clans and wolves live by the laws of the pack. By the same token society live ants and termites, and so on. D. 2. This world is sick of us. 3. How beautiful valiant armor lzhepravednikov for which blood is sweeter than wine, dry land of their presence, die a terrible death, everything. 4. In this dead, cynical, hypocritical world, you do not need the mind, you do not need power, you do not need dexterity. Good luck - it's all what you need in this vile, immoral world. 5. Good luck - it's your personal autopilot. 6. Due to corruption and cronyism, education leads nowhere. 7. Friendship and enmity for gays, only love for the straights. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovic
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