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1. You're whole life you hear the exact same excuse. Do not worry you so, you still meet his love, and so on until his death in solitude. 2. You come up in life or on the Internet to a girl or a woman. It's like looking for a place in the yellow bus driven to school. Busy Busy Busy here sits my portfolio And you hear the same excuses of girls and women. - I have a boyfriend. - I am a lesbian - I'm not a girl and a boy - You disgust me, unpleasant - I have a guy and a girl. - Too young - Too old - Uh ... I have not yet come up with an excuse, but I still do not have - You do not look like a prince. - I have a husband and children. - (Ignore) - Etc. All the time say or not, or ignore as in life and on the internet. 3. I have the feeling that you are a prostitute that no one wants. 4. If you so often unlucky in love? So you brainless whore who constantly sniffing heroin, called love. Oh, shorter conclusion: women do not like us so we have boys and men really are. All the pretty and beauti
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exact worry meet death solitude woman place yellow bus driven school busy sits portfolio hear excuses girls boyfriend lesbian boy disgust unpleasant guy girl young excuse prince husband children time ignore life internet feeling prostitute unlucky brainless whore constantly sniffing heroin called love shorter conclusion women boys men pretty beauti

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