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1. Your body lives and moves in the three worlds at the same time, consciousness and periodically switches from one world to another: the dream, the inner world of reality. 2. You go on the trampled path, you're just another fly walking on sticky tape Flycatchers temptations called life. 3. In the west, body and life - that's all. In the east, body and life, full of nothingness, the spirit, purpose and will, for all of them. 4. People - it's funny mimes with selfish gestures. 5. Looking at the imperfections of society. It begins to seem that all of us are born in hell. Then we let out for good behavior in the world of men. Where many of us are acting up. And then back to hell. And after only a few human world go to paradise. And there it is possible to produce the universe. 6. I had a dream. And I understood. What we are all ghosts stuck in a certain time. This is not karma and reincarnation in which. We're stuck in the same life that is repeated in different scenarios over and over ag
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lives moves worlds consciousness periodically switches reality trampled path fly walking sticky tape flycatchers temptations called west east body full nothingness spirit purpose people funny mimes selfish gestures imperfections society begins born good behavior men acting hell human world paradise produce universe dream understood ghosts time karma reincarnation stuck life repeated scenarios

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