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18. In this huge glass, water-capsule increases your monster, this is your dark side of personality. Which grew out of your pain, many, many years. And now look like this capsule is filled with your joy. Hear the eerie screeching monster, he was going to die, and with it die all your endless suffering. Yeah, right, you see the death of their most important enemy and oppressor in your life. 19. Love - this is a blues sincere feelings. Waking in the reality of something paranormal, something supernatural. 20. Oral caress only the most erogenous zone of his woman, her self-esteem. 1. In this feminist-lesbian-frigid hell, men go to the light, from natural death, Never Been Kissed virgins. 2. For men, the feminist-lesbian hell, genius is only one invention: masturbation. Do yourself a space rocket and is heading for the planet sexy women, where there are no men, there is a mega sexy women, who are born only mega sexy women. 3. The only sin, it is a harmless man, in this feminist-lesbian hel
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huge glass water increases dark side personality grew pain years capsule filled joy hear eerie screeching monster die endless suffering yeah important enemy oppressor life love blues sincere feelings waking reality paranormal supernatural oral caress erogenous zone woman esteem frigid light natural death kissed virgins hell genius invention masturbation space rocket heading planet men born mega sexy women sin harmless man feminist lesbian hel

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