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(2 of 4 - Kiss feet, love, humility authority obsession etc...) Obsessed not only means ''to be overly attached [over-attached] or to sit attached'' it also etymologically means ''to sit from over'' as God on the throne over creation who appreciates his creation and or manifestation or manifestations! Obsessed also means to sit against or up against something, to be attached, which is the meaning of love and or desire! Connectedness, unity, oneness all! Jesus was willing, in the gospel story or truth, spiritual truth, to wash the disciples feet! aren't you!? also willing to wash the disciples or the connected followers of truth, or truth's feet! Wanting all! Wanting love! Desiring all, desiring love! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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kiss humility authority obsession overly etymologically god throne appreciates creation manifestation manifestations obsessed means sit attached meaning desire connectedness unity oneness jesus gospel story spiritual wash disciples connected followers truth feet wanting desiring love joshua aaron guillory

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