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23. You're in a movie theater, which shows only black tragicomedy in which a terrific comedic turns, hypocritical psychology, here each of tune by its sounds funny clown music and funny clown, cartoon sounds. Funny horror movie and ringtone sounds crazy childhood like in a horror movie. You're bound to strengthen the stretcher on the belts, like some maniac killer, and you have established a special unit, so you can not close your eyes, you are dripping eye drops and give popcorn with soda. You show life that you can not control. 24. You are in the human world, on death row in the government shackled, in a fun orange uniforms. You do not know when the reality of punishing you, but you know that certainly executed. 25. You're just a tiny spark, insignificant little shine, all this moral restraint system micro electro circuit selfishness. 26. You grew up in hatred and hostility, lack of understanding. On your color brown impermeable package insecure man himself. And your self-esteem is s
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theater shows black tragicomedy terrific comedic turns hypocritical psychology tune music clown cartoon funny ringtone sounds crazy childhood horror movie bound strengthen stretcher belts maniac killer established special unit close eyes dripping eye drops give popcorn soda show life control human world death row government shackled fun orange uniforms reality punishing executed tiny spark insignificant shine moral restraint system micro electro circuit selfishness grew hatred hostility lack understanding color brown impermeable package insecure man esteem

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