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29. Nihilists constantly hears from people only, blah blah blah. 30. Madness - this is when all the time without a reason to smile and laugh on their own, even when someone has died. you are completely devoid of compassion and endowed with indifference and you always on the fun. 31. The first rule of being in this world: no one believe. 32. The human world - a flaming shit. 33. Only the advertising can help to find a soul mate. 34. I recklessness, I'll frivolity. 35. True love particle: skuchanie. 36. Time does not exist, there is only eternity. 37. The bloody joke is that when people are falling into the abyss is inevitable comedic, selfish massacre, and only heard: drip-drip-drip, drops fall down funny. They are like balloons filled with blood. 38. Loneliness teaches the most important: self-reliance, and fearlessness. 39. It is strange, but sometimes it seems that you are unconsciously, always will love those women who no longer love you. Every day, laying flowers on the grave of yo
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nihilists constantly hears blah madness reason smile laugh died completely devoid compassion endowed indifference fun rule human world flaming shit advertising find soul mate recklessness frivolity true particle skuchanie time exist eternity bloody joke people falling abyss inevitable comedic selfish massacre heard drip drops fall funny balloons filled blood loneliness teaches important reliance fearlessness strange unconsciously women longer love day laying flowers grave

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