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3. Education and all that is connected it, as well as knowledge - is an attempt to create out of the ordinary human brain is almost empty, make him an artificial intelligence, which will be downloaded and installed somewhere deep in thought, all the necessary programs are insidious and deceitful called all: the theory and ideology, and other words and concepts and words ending with: ism, they are all designed for easy management of humanity. 4. Wake up, wake up from sleep false self-deception by the false reality, wake up please, you've got to wake up and find himself in the world of real awareness and understanding in the upper world, the true religious reality called insight. Understand finally that all human vices and other internal defects. All this is in fact, all this is very devastating snovedencheskie, comic paradoxes of society, which for some reason is considered the norm. Wake up, because the risk to die and not wake up, wake up and you're just in hell. Author: Musin Almat Z
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education connected knowledge attempt create ordinary brain empty artificial intelligence downloaded installed deep thought programs insidious deceitful theory ideology concepts words ism designed easy management humanity sleep deception false find real awareness understanding upper world true religious reality called insight understand finally human vices internal defects fact devastating snovedencheskie comic paradoxes society reason considered norm risk die wake hell author musin almat

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