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35. When the lights go out the last wishes and hopes, and it seems that the soul plunges into the depths of darkness, one can see how the soul around, with incredible force shining divine light. 36. Who is well versed in the nature of selfishness, who perfectly controls the fanatical masses of people. You run with the help of your own selfishness. 37. For most of his life, we like to spend at the bar. Sitting at the bar, we always drink a mixture of different feelings cocktails, from which eventually becomes worse. 38. Can not understand whom to pity more of those who had just died, or those who are just born. 39. How much fun to go in the middle of a dark room, where the ceiling lights in a row lined up, highlighting the good days. But between the lamps are also visible dark unlit spaces, embodying the bad days. 40. It seems that, as representatives of the upper class of society is filled with its elegant jacuzzi by our tears, quietly laughing over our requests for help. Sweet relaxin
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wishes hopes plunges depths darkness soul incredible force shining divine light versed nature perfectly controls fanatical masses people run selfishness life spend sitting bar drink mixture feelings cocktails eventually worse understand pity died born fun middle room ceiling lights row lined highlighting good lamps visible dark unlit spaces embodying bad days representatives upper class society filled elegant jacuzzi tears quietly laughing requests sweet relaxin

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