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40. It seems that, as representatives of the upper class of society is filled with its elegant jacuzzi by our tears, quietly laughing over our requests for help. Sweet relaxing in it, they are resting, surrounded by beautiful, greedy ladies drinking champagne and smoking expensive cigarettes, and brazenly spit in our direction. And we only need to clean up after them dirt, and when we once again bend over that would wipe it with their luxurious sex, it feels like on the head, dropping cigarette ash particles. And we can not do anything, realizing how much life is not fair in a modern society. In tears running down his cheeks, and from all this, suddenly turned inside out, right into their whirlpool. 41. As it is difficult to move forward when you're chained to the TV, which shows the same memories. 42. At times, life seemed to drown in the bath, which would remind you what life is, and who the people are. 43. Life - a chewing gum, which sooner or later will break. 44. Man - this is an
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representatives upper class filled elegant jacuzzi quietly laughing requests sweet relaxing resting surrounded beautiful greedy ladies drinking champagne smoking expensive cigarettes brazenly spit direction clean dirt bend wipe luxurious sex feels head dropping cigarette ash particles realizing fair modern society tears running cheeks suddenly turned whirlpool difficult move chained shows memories times drown bath remind people life chewing gum sooner break man

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