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5. iphonoholics, ipad-smokers and the tablet-mania. All of this plantation, rotten GMO crop, mass pop culture. Society is somehow still called the society. Who is in a limited, cultural and spiritual dead end, meaningless, banal stupidity, endless repetitions of art and science. Society is no longer aspires to something higher, beautiful and important everywhere heard drunken delirium and laughter addicts. Many so-called people do not have any hobbies, which could develop their personality, as they are not addicted to anything. Do not seek to improve for the better in the spiritual plane, do not try to find a bright side and give it to the world, do not seek to improve society for the better, they only exist as parasites, immoral, inadequate trollers, with never steep, infinitely empty pontami sinful self-assertion at the expense of others. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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iphonoholics ipad smokers tablet mania plantation rotten gmo crop mass pop culture limited cultural dead meaningless banal stupidity endless repetitions art science longer aspires higher beautiful important heard drunken delirium laughter addicts called people hobbies develop personality addicted spiritual plane find bright side give world seek improve society exist parasites immoral inadequate trollers steep infinitely empty pontami sinful assertion expense author musin almat zhumabekovich

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