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6. They built a great ladder of hypocrisy, on top of which they are aware that people are only half. (About hypocrisy) 7. Some people are on their feet for the life ahead, others on their knees. (Way of life) 8. Bluth levitation. 9. Oh, I'm afraid to trust the women, as they are for life: shit, laughing, and unfairly Cursing my sincere, bright, feelings of love, I have experienced all the betrayal, lies, various kinds of failures, betrayal, but I from this never in my life I will not gay, in contrast to many other people immoral. But I blindly believe that somewhere there is a good woman, that love is not in the ugly past and bright future. 10. In fact, there is no choice. All that is connected with good and light. Always the right answer. 11. The nobility and virtue - it is the truth, it is the highest wisdom. Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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built great ladder top aware hypocrisy feet knees bluth levitation afraid trust women shit laughing unfairly cursing sincere feelings experienced lies kinds failures betrayal life gay contrast people immoral blindly woman love ugly bright future fact choice connected good light answer nobility virtue truth highest wisdom musin almat zhumabekovich

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