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A Snake Slept On Bed In rustle of her breast I have felt, Then suddenly I keep the dawn awake of evil, By time cockcrow opened the day it happened, A groped for switch of light Hey! in knee she holds my voice, Full grown like noon I could sight her body, Arrows of questions for answers my tongue motions, She could begs for my voice striking the walls, And she answers someone let her in, Eh! a foolish brother I said, But I couldn't withstand her noon body, You are the evil of the night! Have you wrapped my night in your body? I questioned, In light voice of not resisted my slams, She is a voluptuous devil of dawn, And left after I rebuked in thunder, And I answer to adhan of creator, I could wonder at the mosque, For the snake on my bed, And I supplicated to Allah, All day devil walks in my sight of street And in shyness of the dawn, when her optics captures me far away, Like her feet in wind.
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slept rustle breast felt suddenly awake time cockcrow opened happened groped switch hey knee holds full grown arrows questions tongue motions begs striking walls answers foolish brother withstand noon evil wrapped night body questioned light voice resisted slams voluptuous left rebuked thunder answer adhan creator mosque snake bed supplicated allah day devil walks sight street shyness dawn optics captures feet wind

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