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A young man with long straight white's, smokey blue-ish-grey and colors outlining parts of his hair, dressed dark and colorful in combination and blend, spread well among his attire entirely; enters the eye clinic. He is then attended immediately since the clinic is empty and escorted by a dense drone like Chinese woman with a swallowed in resting bitch face. The eye doctor begins the eye exam, remaining with a confused look on his face, then last last states he has a bad stigmatism and wonders why he's at risk of going blind. So the doctor ask. "What could you possibly be doing to put you at risk of going blind?" The young man looks at the eye doctor with a straight face. "Well I don't know if I can muster up the courage and words for me to tell you." "Well, that myth sure is ironically true. Who would have thought?!" The eye doctor said as he burst out laughing. The young man's eyes focus with fixture to just go out and say it. "At night when I can't sleep, I stay up for a few hours
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long white smokey blue ish grey colors outlining parts hair dressed dark colorful combination blend spread attire enters attended immediately clinic empty escorted dense drone chinese woman swallowed resting bitch begins exam remaining confused states bad stigmatism wonders possibly risk blind straight face muster courage words myth ironically true thought eye doctor burst laughing young man eyes focus fixture night sleep stay hours

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