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All The Picture Album Will Be viewed Once Again, All The Memories Will Be Recollectd, All That Laughter, Fight, Kisses, All That Hugs, That Cries, All That Late Night Talks Will Be Flashback, All That Old Gifts, Roses Will Again Make You fall In Love, All That Relationships Goals Will Be Memorised, All That Memories That You Have Made Together Which Was Faded Will Be Again Brightened, The Dreams Which Was Seen Together Will Again Be Dreamed, All Thing Will Happen Again, Again The Cycle Of Love Will Start Rotating, Again You Will Fall In Love, All The Things Will Be Repeated Again, The Tears Will Rollout Of Your Eyes, But No One Will Be There For Holding Your Hand, And when You Will Look Around, Only The Memories Of Mine Will Be There, This Was written In The Diary Of His Named WHEN! ONE DAY I Will D!E -Darshil Goswami
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picture album viewed recollectd laughter fight kisses hugs cries late night talks flashback gifts roses relationships goals memorised faded brightened dreams dreamed happen cycle start rotating fall love repeated tears rollout eyes holding hand memories written diary named day darshil goswami

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