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An important instrument is solemnly played at dusk eve, surreptitiously discarded as fantasy so as not believe emotional intesity of angels's song of propensity,hark! Melodiously failing to make distinction 'twixt a lark; approaching reality tries in itself on ties to Paradise, constituting own terms I surmise could result in a rise, assuming stifle thrill of frill is nigh on impossible, presumes resumes in trifle of rifle to file, fill & fulfil at will in immense density of emotional intensity
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important instrument solemnly played dusk eve surreptitiously discarded fantasy intesity angels song propensity hark melodiously failing distinction twixt lark approaching reality ties paradise constituting terms surmise result rise assuming stifle thrill frill nigh impossible presumes resumes trifle rifle file fill fulfil immense density emotional intensity

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