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And I saw the feminine essence - it's a restless spirit devoid of love, a spooky spirit with a roaring laugh of disappointment, in a tattered dress that fills the space of the room, and can change the space and time. In her right eye are the division of feelings, bright red as a symbol of anger, white is a symbol of indifference, and a black symbol of hatred. The second eye is missing and he sucks your mind deep into his absurd psyche, her long braid can eat you and you will die if you do not tell her: be my wife, forever, and if you say, her right eye will turn pink, symbolizing In love, Turned into a beautiful spirit, she settles in you, and will dream every night in erotic dreams, in the most beautiful and romantic in your life, and when you grow old and die, she will come out of your body taking your soul to paradise. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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feminine essence restless devoid spooky roaring laugh disappointment tattered dress fills room change space time division feelings bright red anger white indifference black symbol hatred missing sucks mind deep absurd psyche long braid eat wife eye turn pink symbolizing love turned spirit settles dream night erotic dreams beautiful romantic life grow die body soul paradise author musin almat zhumabekovich

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