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And if you do have kids biologically as it is called, and you leave them for truth, that is your decision and prerogative and your heart will judge you innocent or guilty for it. And obviously if you do leave them, it was destined of you by fate! Make peace and do what you feel is right! That is my advice to those who had kids or children and left them for what they thought was peace and happiness. You can always try to go back to your kids and make good out of it, but it may come at the price of them despising or showing you their hurt or disdain for you when you get there. But in the end if you do what you feel or know is right, you will be rewarded with peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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biologically called truth decision prerogative heart judge innocent guilty leave destined fate advice children left thought happiness kids good price despising showing hurt disdain feel rewarded peace joshua aaron guillory

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