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Aphorisms and Quotes 1. Be in love with controversial people; cherish them, because they are the ones that makes society question itself, and from them society evolves. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 2. Once in a while, lose yourself: it is only when you lose yourself that you discover your better self. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 3. If truly God exists, why and where is He hiding? (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 4. Men love sex and express their romantic love through giving and spending on their lovers but ultimately the more a man makes love to a woman, the more the man loves the woman. For men, it is all about sex when it comes to proof of their love for a woman. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 5. Being simple in life in spite of your wealth is the ultimate sophistication. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 6. The lord had once said to Pilipo, “Pilipo, do you love me?” Pilipo had answered, “Lord you know I love you.” He had asked again, “Pilipo, do you love me?” Pilipo again had answered, “Lord, I do.” The lord had
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