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Aside from learning from our mistakes or miss takes [which sometimes we later find out why we were supposed to do something & the ignorance of/at the time in which we did it or the somewhat ignorance of the time, once enlightened] we need to learn to transcend & outmaneuver the stupidity of people & our stupid reactions to those people! I made mention in a quote/poem on Dr Dolittle of characters in the book who, if/when they do/did something again, to do it differently! & this doing it again was in reference to us as people learning from their mistakes & not doing it & doing good as well! Which means not just the good of not doing but the good of doing/doing something better! The Charles Manson in you/for your life should be geared towards world peace! You should not go out & start killing unless of course that is your fate/destiny! But for those who are called & chosen, who know it &/ ignorant to it, for world peace let them do good! highest good/perfect good! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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