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Bullshido, or bullshitsio/bullshizido as I like to call it, is the art/philosophy of manipulating people/creatures to fear & acceptance/fear or acceptance! A missionary or evangelist who prays for someone and tells them to fall back/just let the peace of the Lord take them down is a form of bullshido! If the willing applicant/servant falls down/allows their mind to accept it they have just entered into the power & art of bullshido! Same as commonly applied to Chi/ch'i, the moving force of energy that [when harnessed/allowed] can control people's body thus mind/mind thus body! But what difference is lightening/thunder which brings people through fear to go into their house/cottage, or the warning signs of hurricanes/tornadoes to leave the city? in many ways there is about enough chance of lightening striking you/thunder causing a heart attack/a hurricane or tornado destroying you or your house as there isn't! (Bullshido 1: Part 1/2) - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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