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Congratulations Young QC.... You wanted to be famous... and now you are.... For ALL of the wrong reasons. I'm going to try something different. Instead of wishing hate on you, death, rape, murder, etc like most of the people on this thread...i'm going to wish you solace and peace...I am not vengeful. Your death does not benefit me or you...or your mother for that matter. She probably would fault herself and wonder where she went so wrong that something like this would have happened. You no doubt will have plenty of time to contemplate it as well. No man is perfect - you made just about the most foolish decision that any human being can possibly make, and as much as I want to fault you, you are human and I have no right. You will pay for your deed every day for the rest of your life, being hated by people and by your own self...I cant imagine any punishment as bad as you are going to receive. But instead of coming here and uselessly wishing worse than you will obviously already be getti
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congratulations young wanted famous reasons hate rape murder thread solace peace vengeful death benefit mother matter wrong happened doubt plenty time contemplate man perfect foolish decision possibly fault human pay deed day rest life hated people imagine punishment bad receive coming uselessly wishing worse getti

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