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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (11/11) She's the queen of fellatio! The Arabian queen! I take her soul from Islam and yet she still has it! I become Allah in sex and so does she! Whatever hate we had for the bullcrap of each other's race or belief we take it out in the love-making of sex! I defeat all Muslims in that moment or experience! She defeats all Blacks and other races that I am and beliefs that I have in that moment and experience and yet we both retain our race/races and our beliefs in and after and before that experience! I'm the philosopher king - her philosopher king! And she's the philosopher queen - my philosopher queen! And it feels like or as though I'm fucking every Arabian woman I've ever known, met or that exists! I fuck you all and your ass and pussy is so good! You love my wood like you like sucking it in that experience! And I respect you in it and you respect me in it! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation josh sahita fellatio soul islam allah hate bullcrap belief making sex defeat muslims defeats blacks moment retain race races beliefs king philosopher queen feels fucking arabian woman met exists fuck ass pussy good love wood sucking experience respect joshua aaron guillory

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