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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (4/11) Sahita: We just want to live in peace and love! Josh: Yes! not like the evildoers the Quran talks about or against! Many of the so-called Muslims are creating conflict and dissension around the world! And the men aren't always treating the women as they should be treated! Sahita: I hope you don't mind me calling you my Arab prince, or Arabian prince, Joshua! Actually I know you don't mind because you understand! Josh: Yes, I understand! And thank you! very, very much! I know Allah would agree with me saying this, that many of the Arab or Arabian men could follow after my ways to become better people! Even the women, too! Not that none of them are doing good, but I know they can do better! And even model their lives off of you! bu! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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