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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (6/11) Sahita: Your body is so sexy and perfect! I love to feel on you and rub on you and caress you and watch your eyes and body weaken to my graceful touch or power! Josh: And I like weakening to your graceful touch or power! It's my strength! Sahita: You're a strong man, Joshua! Josh: You're a strong woman, Sahita! You're the classiest woman I know! Sahita: You're the classiest man I know! Rub my legs, Josh! Rub my thighs! And stare into my eyes! Josh: You're eyes are beautiful! They're like planet babies! And your thighs are like the thighs of a goddess/god! Why should I resist when you and them are perfect!? Sahita: Eyes are like moon-balloons, too! ha-ha Josh: ha-ha! You're so cute, my wonderful baby! Sahita: You too, my cute and sexy toddler! If you were a baby, I would molest you with motherly love! Josh: I am a baby! so go ahead and molest me! I will enjoy it as I always do! ma-ma! mah-mah! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation feel caress watch body weaken weakening graceful touch power strength strong woman classiest man legs rub stare beautiful planet babies thighs goddess god resist perfect eyes moon balloons wonderful sahita cute sexy toddler motherly love josh baby molest enjoy mah joshua aaron guillory

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