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Conversation with Josh and Sahita/Sahita and I (9/11) For about the next 10 minutes we're silent but we fuck real good! and I spank her Arabian ass real good! I fuck it with a sort of disrespectful respectfulness and/or respectful disrespectfulness! I make her my bitch in so many ways and meant to! And she makes me hers! She gives me a footjob and I love it so much! and handjobs me from behind and footjobs me from behind! and gives me a blowjob with love and delight! and generosity! and she has me on my knees sucking her toes and saying I'm her bitch! and that she has took me! and I suck her two big toes at the same time which is icing on the cake! She even spits on her pussy and makes me lick it and she does a few Arabian dances and put[s] me in a trance - an Arabian trance - and takes my soul away although I still have my soul! I'm an Arabian bitch! and even has me lick her ass and crawl to her like a dog! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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conversation josh sahita minutes silent spank real good fuck sort disrespectful respectfulness respectful disrespectfulness ways meant footjob handjobs footjobs blowjob love delight generosity knees sucking suck big toes time icing cake spits pussy dances trance takes soul arabian bitch lick ass crawl dog joshua aaron guillory

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